25 mai 2013

I am with Terrorism

We are accused of terrorism:

if we defended rose and woman and the mighty verse ...

and the blueness of sky...

A dominion .. nothing left therein...

No water, no air ..

No tent, no camel, and not even dark Arabica coffee!!

We are accused of terrorism:

if we defended with guts the hair of Balqis and the lips of Maysun

if we defended Hind, and Da`d Lubna and Rabab ..

and the stream of Kohl coming down from their lashes like the

verses of revelation.

You will not find with me a secret poem or a secret logos

or books I put behind doors.

I do not even have one Qasidah

walking down the street, wearing Hijab.

We are accused of terrorism:

if we wrote about the ruins of a watan torn, weak ...

a watan with no address and an ummah with no names

I seek the remnants of a watan none of its grand poems is

left except the bemoans of Khansa.

I seek a dominion in whose horizons no freedom can be

found red .. blue or yellow.

A watan forbidding us from buying a newspaper

or listening to the news.

A dominion wherein birds are forbidden from chirping.

A watan wherein, out of terror [ru`b],

its writers got accustomed to write about nothing.

A watan, in the likeness of poetry in our lands:

It is vain talk, no rhythm, imported Ajam,

with a crooked face and tongue:

No beginning

No end

No relation with people's worry

mother earth and the crisis of man.

A dominion ... going to peace talks

with no honor no shoe.

A watan, men peed in their pans ...

women are those left to defend honor.

Salt in our eyes

Salt in our lips

Salt in our words

Can the self carry such dryness?

An inheritance we got from the barren Qahtan?

In our Ummah, no Mu`awiya, and Abu Sufiyan.

No one is left to say "NO" and face the quitters

they gave up our houses, our bread and our [olive] Oil.

They transformed our bright history into a mediocre store.

In our lives, no Qasidah is left,

since we lost our chastity in the bed of

the Sultan.

They got accustomed to us, the humbled.

What is left to man when all that remains

is disgrace.

I seek in the books of history

Ussamah ibn al-Munqith

Uqba ibn Nafi`

Omar, and Hamzah

and Khalid, driving his flocks conquering the Shem.

I seek a Mu`tasim Billah

Saving women from the cruelty of rape and the fire.

I seek latter days men

All I can see is frightened cats

Scared for their own souls, from the sultanship of mice.

Is this an overwhelming national blindness?

Are we blind to colors?

We are accused of terrorism

If we refuse to die with Israel's bulldozers

tearing our land tearing our history

tearing our Evangelium

tearing our Koran

tearing the graves of our prophets

If this was our sin,

then, oh, how beautiful terrorism is

We are accused of terrorism

if we refused to be effaced

by the hands of the Mogul, Jews and


if we throw a stone at the glass of the the Security

Council after the Ceasar of Ceasar got a hold of


We are accused of terrorism

if we refuse to negociate with the

wolf and shake the hand with a whore Amrika

Against the cultures of the peoples with no culture

Against the civilizations of the civilized with no civilization


a mighty edifice

with no walls!

We are accused of terrorism:

if we refused an era Amrika became

the foolish, the rich, the mighty translated, sworn in Ivri.

We are accused of terrorism:

if we throw a rose to Jerusalem to al-Khalil

to Ghazza to an-Nasirah

if we took bread and water

to beleaguered Troy.

We are accused of terrorism:

if we raised our voices against the regionalists of our leaders.

All changed their rides: from Unionists to Brokers.

If we committed the heinous crime of culture

if we revolted against the orders of the grand caliph

and the seat of the caliphate If we read jurisprudence or politics

If we recalled God and read Surat al-Fat-h

If we listened to the Friday sermon

then we are well-established in the art of terrorism

We are accused of terrorism

if we defended land and the honor of dust

if we revolted against the rape of people

and our rape if we defended the last palm trees in our

desert the last stars in our sky

the last syllabi of our names

the last milk in our mothers' bossoms

if this was our sin

how beautiful is terrorism.

I am with terrorism

if it is able to save me from the immigrants from Russia

Romania, Hungaria, and Poland

They settled in Palestine set foot on our shoulders

to steal the minarets of al-Quds and the door of Aqsa

to steal the arabesques and the domes.

I am with terrorism

if it will free the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth,

and the virgin, Meriam Betula and the holy city

from the ambassadors of death and desolation


The nationalist street was fervent like a wild horse.

The rivers were abundant with the spirit of youth.

But after Olso, we no longer had teeth:

we are now a blind and lost people.

We are accused of terrorism:

if we defended with full-force our poetic heritage

our national wall our rosy civilization

the culture of flutes in our mountains

and the mirrors displaying blackened eyes.

We are accused of terrorism:

if we defended what we wrote El azure of our sea

and the aroma of ink

if we defended the freedom of the word

and the holiness of books

I am with terrorism

if it is able to free a people from tyrants and tyranny

if it is able to save man from the cruelty of man

to return lemon, olive tree, and bird to the South of Lebanon

and the smile back to Golan

I am with terrorism if it will save me

from the Ceasar of Yehuda and the Ceasar of Rome

I am with terrorism

as long as this new world order is shared

between Amrika and Israel half-half

I am with terrorism with all my poetry

with all my words and all my teeth

as long as this new world is in the hands of a butcher.

I am with terrorism if the U.S. Senate

enacts judgement decrees reward and punishment

I am with Irhab as long this new world order hates the smell of A`rab.

I am with terrorism

as long as the new world order wants to slaughter my off-spring.

and send them to dogs.

For all this

I raise my voice high:

I am with terrorism

I am with terrorism

I am with terrorism ...

Nizar Kabani

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