06 juin 2014

21 Powerful Pieces Of Graffiti Protesting The World Cup In Brazil

For many people, the World Cup in Brazil is set to be an exciting spectacle of soccer and international sportsmanship. But for those who live in Brazil, the story couldn't be more different. Citizens are outraged that such an expensive and elaborate event is being planned in a country with alarming poverty rates, poor education, and abysmal health care. The idea that something as huge and costly as the World Cup is being prioritized over the basic needs of citizens has many people outraged, and so they've taken to the streets to express their anger. Their messages will make you think twice about what the World Cup is really about.


whoateallthepies.tvThis street mural of Brazilian football star Neymar has been modified to make him look like a member of the Black Blocs, which are an activist group in Rio de Janeiro that focuses on protesting the World Cup in Brazil.


Yasuyoshi ChibaThe normally friendly-looking 2014 World Cup mascot Tatubola is seen being much more sinister on a wall near the Maracana Stadium.
While the fanfare and drama is hyped up and famous athletes are worshipped like gods, countless people are being left without the basic things they need to survive. When will the Brazilian government wake up and realize that there are things far more important than sports?

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