06 juillet 2014

Photos: Protests around the world stand with Palestine

International protests and demonstrations around the world expressed solidarity with Palestine on July 5, as Palestinian communities in exile and diaspora, social justice movements and solidarity organizers held events in major cities globally. These international protests were organized in response to the killing of Palestinian boy Mohammad Abu Khdeir and 9 other Palestinians since June 12, the mass arrests and raids of over 600 Palestinians, checkpoints, brutal beatings, bombings and assassinations in Gaza, and the ongoing siege, apartheid and occupation – more protests are being announced daily. Click here for the current, updated list of international actions in support of the Palestinian people – or email samidoun@samidoun.ca to add your own! 
Simultaneously, and inspiring these international actions, Palestinians have taken to the streets in all areas of historic Palestine – from Shu’afat, where Abu Khdeir was kidnapped, tortured and murdered, and other areas of Jerusalem, to the West Bank, Gaza, and Occupied Palestine ’48, where marchers claimed the streets of Nazareth, Umm el-Fahm, Shafa’amr, Ar’ara and Kufr Manda.
Brooklyn (photos by Michael Letwin):
Chicago (photos by Richard Reilly, Rachael Perotta, Danielle Villarreal and SJP UChicago)
Washington, DC:
Paris, France:
Den Haag (The Hague), the Netherlands
London, England:
Glasgow, Scotland:
Napoli, Italy:
napoli napoli2
Cleveland, OH:
cleveland2 cleveland
San Francisco, CA:
Seattle, WA:
Indianapolis, IN:
Atlanta, GA:
Omaha, Nebraska:

Albuquerque, NM:
Charlotte, NC:

Earlier photos of protests from July 3 and 4 (see Toronto and Vancouver):
Dearborn, MI:
Santa Clara, CA:
Strasbourg, France:
strasbourg2 strasbourg1

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