02 juillet 2013


Egypt's military issues 48-hour ultimatum to solve political crisis

01 July 2013 18:21 (Last updated 01 July 2013 19:30)
Egyptian army has issued a 48-hour ultimatum for all parties concerned to find a solution to the political deadlock gripping the county before intervening
CAIRO (AA) – The Egyptian army has issued a 48-hour ultimatum for all parties concerned to find a solution to the political deadlock gripping the county before intervening. 
“We give all parties 48 hours to respond to the people’s demands,” the army said in a statement read out on state television.
The military warned that if the parties concerned failed to achieve a breakthrough within 48 hours it will announce a roadmap and certain measures and it will supervise their implementation.
“If the people’s demands are not fulfilled in the set period, it will be an imperative for the Armed Forces to announce a future roadmap and measures to be implemented under its supervision with the participation of all national trends, including the youth who have been the trigger of the revolution, without marginalization,” General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the armed forces commander and defense minister, said.
Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians had taken to the streets on Sunday to press for early presidential election.
Opponents say that President Mohammad Morsi does not uphold the wider democratic values on which a successful democracy relies.
“We have all seen the Egyptian people and have heard their voice,” the army said.
“It is imperative that the people get a response to their call and every party should shoulder its responsibility in these dangerous circumstances.”
The Egyptian military insisted it was not seeking any part in politics or power.
“The current developments pose a severe danger to Egypt’s national security and this puts responsibility on every side to act to prevent these dangers.”
The army stressed that it had warned a week ago about the gravity of the current situation.
“The week-long ultimatum earlier given to all political parties to reach an agreement to solve the crisis had passed without any action, leading the people to go out with full resolve.”
The military insisted that wasting more time will only lead to divisions and confrontations.
“The great Egyptian people have suffered, but found no one to care for them, which puts a moral and psychological burden on the Armed Forces....we find it imperative for all parties to stop everything and embrace this great people, who have proved their readiness to achieve the impossible.”
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