22 juillet 2013

UFree Network: Israel should release all Palestinian prisoners for peace process success

UFree Network | Media Centre

UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners calls on releasing all Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails. This comes in a wake of news that Israel will release a small number of prisoners as per Palestinian condition to restart negotiations.
Israeli official sources announce that 80 prisoners most of them imprisoned prior Oslo accord will be released. This came as Palestinian Authority (PA) demanded this step as a condition to resume frozen negotiations. The request of releasing prisoners included those from 1948 territories.
UFree therefore stress on releasing all Palestinian prisoners not only a limited number. The peace process has always proved dishonest intention from the Israeli side as more thousands have been imprisoned since Oslo accord signed in 1993 between Israel and PA.
Khaled Waleed, UFree coordinator said in a press statement that Israel is demanded to release all prisoners as goodwill for true peace.
“Thousands of Palestinian prisoners are in Israeli jails under made-up accusations and have been persecuted illegally. This includes women, children and sick prisoners. The continuation of detaining those segments of prisoners is illegal as per international law, especially the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.” Stated Waleed
In the same context, the family of Dirar Abu Sisi, who was kidnapped in Ukraine over 2 years ago, called on the Palestinian Authority to include Dirar within the list of names predicted to be freed. Abu sisi has been subject to constant torture and interrogation which caused him health complications.

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