11 novembre 2011

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Maybe all those who checked the page
(Camps against all of you)
مخيمات ضدكم كلكم

, approved that the changes must start from the bottom upside the top, including the young girls and guys, living inside the Palestinian refugee camps, who invite you to join their event ''11 millions of commandos'' that tells about the Palestinians who are preparing themselves in a different way this time ... They are preparing themselves for the national unity ...
In 11-11-2011 at 11:11:11, the 11 millions of Palestinians will sing everywhere“fida2e“ (I'm a commando)
We are not ''Daffa'' neither ''Gaza'' nor 48 & we are not refugees ... We belong to Palestine & Palestine belongs to us....

Therefore there will be a net live broadcasting on the Facebook page
مخيمات ضدكم كلكم
"(Camps against all of you),
directly from the underground shelter of Gaza hospital in Sabra(Lebanon). This place was supposed to be prepared as a hall for medical conferences but the Zionist war that attacked Beirut (1982) stopped the project & then the Lebanese civil war (1975-1990) damaged the hospital totally . The building became a ''temporary'' shelter for those who lost their homes during the war and they are still living there since 25 years. The shelter is empty now and we don't advice you to visit it, it's a miserable & dirty place with bad smells.

The ''Studio Palestine'' channel will begin an experimental live broadcasting on internet during the day 11-11-2011. We will try to turn the place into a cinema studio, we will work on many issues to make changes. We are going down to begin our project because we believe that changes must start from the bottom upside the top.
''Jez'' will draw a mural for Abo Ammar (Yasser Arfat), ''Aysha'' will try to fix the broadcasting channel on the internet & we will try to broadcast on the camps satellites. Katibeh khamseh (a Palestinian rap band) will be with us, they will share few things from the ''tari2'' album. The intro  begins with the voice of Shyekh Ahmad Yassin ''you can't destroy the resistance whatever you did or you will do'' and also with the voice of George Habbash welcoming liberated Palestinians from the zionist jails ''we meet today to celebrate your freedom and tomorrow we will celebrate our homeland freedom, whatever it takes''.
There will be shows for some Palestinian films and studiocamps films
''Alakeed(colonel) Mohammad'' and the first aid team promised to help clean the place and ''Qameh'' team promised to support the event by providing musical instruments.
However, we need sound system, fast internet and meals for the participants.

We are planing to DO many things, it may work or not, we don't know but we are sure that the Palestinian leaders won't be with us because they are accustomed to five stars occasions and we are tired of looking for the day stars.
However, we should mention that the leadership watched the first Palestinian film  after Nakbah while they were standing on the gravel in an underground shelter.
Mostafa Abo Ali who is known as the father of the Palestinian cinema told us that when they started they used to borrow the cameras.
Ibrahim Serhan who worked in the Palestinian cinema in 1935, began with nothing and after 10 years he established ''Studio Palestine'' at Yafa in front of the French hospital but Al Nakba ……!!!!!

Our date is in 11\11\2011 at 11:11:11 am till 11:11:11 pm on ''Studio Palestine'' channel. We will start and end with the song ''Fida2i''. We should keep singing it untill we reach Palestine.

We may not be more than 11 persons but we believe that we are 11 millions !!!!

Ibrahim Serhan: A Pioneer of Palestinian Cinema
Contemporary Palestinian cinema has made it to the world stage with the works of Eli Suleiman and Hany Abu Assad. But Palestinian film making dates all the way back to per-Nakba days with the pioneering work of Ibrahim Serhan.

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Palestine Was Never a Desert. Serhan Filmed Her
Ibrahim Serhan & George Habbash
Eleven million commando event https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=270382543000167

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