15 novembre 2012

Gaza under Attack!

Yesterday , I was on my way from university to home . suddenly , I heared the sound of Airplanes heavily . then all I saw is Fire everywhere and the amblunces running . my cousin left me and he went to see where is this explosion cause it was soo near to our Area . I wasn’t able to move my place and stood in the middle of the street no words just  tears kept in my eyes . Few moments passed and they said warplanes targetd Ahmed Jabari and Israeli Channel said the brother of Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahhar was with Jabary in the targeted vehicle. I got my home , all my family was silent . I went to my room directly think of what is coming and who is the next . while I was changing my clothes , two boombs heared  . those were beside the colege in empty land and no injuries . Old or Young , Male or female it doesn‘t make a difference to the Zionists and their supporters . what shocked me this scene of  Four years old girl killed in Gaza by israeli airstrike on Al-Shia’aya!  what she did ?! another! little baby didn‘t celebrate his 1 year yet . what their gulity?! My heart hurt me , full of pains about what is happening to our children . at 7:00pm 9 martyrs confirmed. The tenth was  Renan Arafat, a little girl, whose house was raided.
Israel’s used of Biblical terms to justify their attack on Gaza makes me feel sick! why the hell is it called “Operation Pillar of Cloud”! I tried to know what is it but I couldn‘t . they are sick , thirsty of our blood . they feel enjoying in killing our children . Israel used white phosphorus  that attacked are negotiations, & home demolitions are dialogue. there was a smell of powder , burning items and places suffocating . IOF continuing bombing us and  the US State Dept. said it supports Israel’s right to defend itself. I laughed alot when I heard that ” sarcastic “
Israeli drones were  flying over Gaza continuously and without stop and still! at 10:30pm it confirmed that more than 50 strikes, 7 martyrs killed, 42 injured. The Israeli terrorist army declares: “this operation will take about 72 hours”.
During the evening hours of Wednesday 55 rockets were fired at the south of Israel and 15 people suffered from anxiety ! ! there was  a shortage in medecins in the hospitals and its running out of Blood . Al – Shifa hospitel asked citizens to donate I insisted to go and I did . My Motherland Bleeding ! wake up people !
world stand beside us , support us …. where is those who calling human rights ? Goverments ?! is it the price of our freedom ?! do we have the right to protect ourselves from Israel‘s Bombs ?!
The world must react to what has been happening in Gaza. We are humans just like you, we are not aliens . defend and speak . 

(thanks Rana !)

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