19 novembre 2012

Update from International activist/photographer in Gaza

17th Novemeber 2012 | Anne Paq (activestills), Gaza Strip
from: http://chroniquespalestine.blogspot.co.il

Smoke after an Israeli military attacks rises above Gaza

Damaged house next to the Council of Ministers
Council of Ministers destroyed
UNRWA school next to the Civil Department of the Ministry of Interior
Civil Department of the Ministry of Interior
Palestinians terrified from sounds of Israeli warplanes F16
funerals of Younis Kamil Tafish
ruins of the house of Suleiman Abdul Hamid Salah, Jabaliya: 31 civilians injured from the same family
ruins of the house of Suleiman Abdul Hamid Salah, Jabaliya: 31 civilians injured from the same family
Inside a damaged house next the the house of Suleiman Abdul Hamid Salah which was completely destroyed, Jabaliya: 31 civilians injured from the same family

Children passing next to the ruins of the Civil Department of the Ministry of Interior
Palestinians queuing for bread

(c) Anne Paq/Activestills.org, Gaza city, 17 November, 2012.
Last night I could sleep a bit better- maybe 4-5 hours in total. I was woken up at 4 am by a huge explosion that made me jump ouf of the bed. The others in the flat- now we are three internationals staying together also woke up, and we went all in front of our computers to check the news. More news about attacks, martyrs and lost of people injured. It became a bit quiet so I went back to sleep to wake up only at 9am by another explosion. No need of alarm clock in Gaza these days.
We evaluated the situation on the ground- it was fairly quiet after a full day of attacks  and we got also the news that the Tunisian delegation just entered Gaza via Rafah, so it was again a good chance to go around and document some of the latest demolitions. We gathered with other internationals to have a full car as it feels safer to go in group and we went with my usual taxi driver here that I trust completely. We decided of the plan and drove around to the Council of Ministers- where there is the office of Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh first.There were not many cars in the streets. It was for sure a stark contrast in comparison with the normal days where traffic is always hectic. we know we had only a couple of hours before things would go again bad, so we were not staying a long time in each place. I must say that even despite these difficult and dangerous circumstances, there were people in the streets, some shops were open and there was many people in the traditional souk of Gaza. As Nabil my driver said: “This is a normal situation for us so we are not afraid of the bombings”.
The Council of Ministers building was totally demolished to the ground, and when we entered one of the homes nearby we could also witness the extent of the damage for them: cracks on the walls, windows smashed, and lots of furniture destroyed. We went then to the site of the of the Civil Department of the Ministry of Interior which was struck for the second time by airstrike.
The view was of the one of total desolation. Buildings all around were also damaged, as well as an UNRWA school. As we walked around the ruins, we heard the terrifying sound of an F16- the Israeli warplane flying very low. Palestinians starting to run away and so we did, and we left quickly the area.
The Palestinian football stadium was also targetted and we saw four huge cratere made by missiles there.
We then went north to Jabaliya to visit an area where a home was totally destroyed by an airstrike, leaving 31 civilians injured and damaging the houses around, some of them very seriously- some of their walls were just gone. One of the woman, still under the shock, said that she had last night her 5 children around her arms and that’s why they were protected. It is indeed a miracle that none of the civilians were killed in that attack in a very populated area.
It was high time to go back towards gaza city. As we left there was a hit just a few kilometers away.
It was time for shopping and preparing ourselves in case of a ground invasion which could mean to be stuck in the flat and not be able to go out for a while.
Back to the flat the internet was not working so we went to another building with international friend. We were at least ten people, all working on our computers trying to get out the real news about what is happening in Gaza. Coffee and pasta appeared mysteriously. I cannot stress how important it is in these circumstances to work closely with others. We all help each other in many ways, and this is of great comfort in these difficult times.
There is also a general sense of hope and feeling oif solidarity., This time things are not so easy for the Israelis. They start to pay a price for the occupation. There is also a large movement in support of gaza, all over the world. The demonstration in the west Bank are also getting stronger. There are activists who want to come through Rafah to act as human shield.
Maybe this is really a turning point.

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