22 novembre 2012

The End of operation pillar of cloud !

I live in Khan Yunis in the Gaza Strip. I am nineteen years old and I have been watching the bombing of my land with a lot of pain in my heart. Finally, on the eighth day of the war a ceasefire was announced. During the last couple days, Israel expanded their operations with gunboats and rocket attacks everywhere that targeted everyone. I am so angry my blood is boiling. Why? Why? Israel raped my land yet the United States, Arab leaders, even foreign institutions remained silent. We, the people of Gaza know you sympathize with us but we need you to put your sympathy into action.
Five hours before I sat down to write to you a two year old boy was killed in repeated shelling at a media office. He was killed so brutally that I cannot describe it to you. Who knows about this? Who cares about this? I saw the father, his heart broken and his eyes full of tears, carry the boy’s body. The boy’s name is Abed Elrahman Naem. The little boy’s father hadn‘t seen any of his children in eight days because he works as a doctor at al Shifa Hospital. But today he saw him dead. Can you imagine being called to find your own child’s body, your own flesh and blood? That is what was happening for the past eight days.
Israel has now destroyed most of Gaza. Families had gathered at the UN school in Gaza City, where they felt safest, but while we were there three rockets landed nearby. No place was safe in Gaza, not schools, hospitals or universities. Israel randomly targeted houses. Nearly everyone had to wait their turn before their homes were bombed.  It was impossible to sleep. We stayed up all night with our clothes and shoes on because we knew that the IDF might target any home.
“Never forget, never forgive. That’s what the Israelis taught us”. No truce without accepting our conditions. Yes! Today was a victory for the people of Gaza. The end of Israel is near… Now I am one of the happiest people. My people are celebrating now in the streets of Gaza. What a great feeling it is! I just go out and feel the elation with the women in my area.
The voices of the world nations must be united; the Gazan‘s voice will be the victorious one. My faith in God is huge, our slogan is Allah Akbar! (God is Great!). Victory is to us with the power of God, Lord of the Universe, and it is written in al-Qur’an victory is to the Muslims. We give a promise that Gaza will never cry again. At this moment, the bombing from East and West has totally stopped; I swear by God that we will have victory!!



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