11 mars 2012

Israeli Troops Invade Lebanon, Cross Border Fence toward Wazzani
Israeli ground invasion of Lebanon, July war 2006An Israeli force of 10 troops on Wednesday headed from its military post in the occupied town of Ghajar and advanced towards the bank of the Wazzani River in Lebanese territory where they deployed, Lebanese National News Agency reported.
“The force crossed the electronic fence and stationed itself in the area located between the fence and the virtual Blue Line,” NNA stated.
The Blue Line is the U.N.-drawn border between the two countries established following the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000. Both Lebanon and the Zionist entity have challenged its accuracy in several locations.
“Some troops took up combat positions, pointing their machineguns at the Lebanese territory,” NNA added.
Lebanese army and UNIFIL patrols arrived on the scene and monitored the movements of the Zionist force, the news agency said, adding that Israeli troops withdrew from the area shortly after the arrival of the patrols.
However, Al-Manar correspondant reported that the Zionist invadors lay in place all the night, and didn't leave untill morning.
The invasion included three bulldozers - accompanied by tanks - that made a military road in the outskirt of Maroun al-Ras village.
The attack on Lebanon's sovereignty was followed by extensive flights for the Israeli reconnaissance aircrafts over several regions in South Lebanon.

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