02 juin 2011

17-year-old boy killed by a settler guard in Silwan
Posted on: 2 June 2011

[June 2011] 

On 13 May 2011, Milad Ayyash (17)  was shot by a settler guard during protests in Silwan. He died in hospital the following day.
Milad lived in the Palestinian neighbourhood of Silwan, in East Jerusalem, where 88 Palestinian homes are threatened with house demolition to make way for an archeological park, and where around 380 Israeli settlers live.
According to information gathered by DCI, on Friday 13 May, Milad was participating in protests two days ahead of the commemoration of Nakba day (the catastrophe). Reports indicate that Molotov cocktails were being thrown at a building where seven settler families live.

Reports indicate that settler guards fired live ammunition and tear gas at the protesters and Milad was shot. Witnesses say he tried to get up to run away, but only staggered a few steps before he collapsed again. Some local residents managed to carry him for about 10 metres, but they report that the settler security guards fired so much tear gas that they had to drop him because they were choking.

Residents estimate that Milad lay bleeding for about 10 minutes before they managed to carry him to safety. MIlad was placed in a van, which rushed him to al-Maqased Hospital in Jerusalem. The following morning, at around 5:00 am, doctors pronounced him dead. 

According to the Israeli Association for Civil Rights in Israel, ACRI, settlement security guards are hired by the Israeli Ministry for Construction and Housing, and cost the Israeli taxpayer around 15,600,000 USD per year. A 2006 Israeli government report concluded that the Ministry did not have the legal authority to invest these private security firms with the right to use lethal force and recommended that the guards be withdrawn. Despite this, they have remained in their posts. ACRI has called for an end to the employment of private security guards in East Jerusalem, and for a full police investigation into Milad’s death.

According to the UN, since March 2009, two Palestinians have been killed in Silwan and 350 others have been injured by Israeli forces, Israeli settlers or settler guards.

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