20 juillet 2011

GUERRE LIBAN - "ISRAEL" 2006 QANA et villages décimés

49 bodies removed from rubble in Srifa and other villages in South Lebanon

Israel annouced a 48-hour suspension of air raids (that they broke a few times) to conduct an investigation into the Qana massacre, the second (previous post).

Undoubtably the result of the probe will be as follows: "Hundreds of Khizbulla rockets were fired from the basement of that building, and all lights were off. Plus, we had warned all residents of South Lebanon to leave because we decided it was a warzone."

1- Qana/Cana is 13 kms away from the border. Katyusha rockets can reach 20 kms. There is apparently no reason for rockets to be lauched from Qana. (Human Rights organizations confirmed this fact a few days later)
2- Many Southern residents are extremely poor and could not afford to travel.
3- Many of those who tried to leave their homes were hit by Israeli planes and missile boats (remember Marwahin).
4- You can not tell everyone to leave and feel free to burn the shit out of the place! How about the entire population of Israel leaves their country because Hezbollah and Hamas decide it is a warzone?

Anyway, the 48-hour suspension of air strikes allowed the Red Cross and civil defense to reach more villages and roads where people were missing.

FOURTY-NINE (49) bodies were recovered on Monday alone. TWENTY-SIX (26) of them under the rubble of their homes in Srifa/Sreefa (previous post), NINE (9) in Zibqeen, FOUR (4) in Qleileh, and at least EIGHT (8) in their cars hit by Israeli missiles.

The death toll in Qana/Cana -so far- is: FIFTY-FOUR (54) civilians dead, at least THIRTY-SEVEN (37) of them children. (source: L'ORIENT-LEJOUR)

Here are a few independent French and UK newspapers cover (others like the NY Times and LA Times focused on "Israel suspending air raids")...

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