14 juillet 2011


Is Israel using banned weapons in Lebanon? July 17th 2006


Has the Israeli Air Force dropped phosphorus bombs (see incendiary bombs) on civilians in the town of Rmeileh on the Lebanese coast? Phosphorus bombs were internationally banned from targetting civilians, in 1980.

x Excerpt from a DemocracyNow.org article:

Lebanon's Information Minister Ghazi Aridi has accused Israel of using banned weapons in violation of international law. Reports in the Lebanese media have claimed that Israel has used phosphorus incendiary bombs and vacuum bombs that suck up air and facilitate building collapses. The use of incendiary weapons against civilians has been banned since 1980. The U.S. military used similar phosphorous weapons during the siege of Fallujuah in Iraq.

x Excerpt from an Expatica article:

The Israeli military is using chemical weapons during its bombing of Lebanon, a Belgian-Lebanese professor claimed during a press conference in Brussels on Thursday. The Belgian professor of Lebanese origin, Bachir Cham, is the head of a hospital in Lebanon.

"The bodies don't look like they normally do. After an explosion there were no traces of blood loss or subcutaneous haemorrhages [bruises]," Cham said via mobile phone direct from Beirut.

Eight mummy-like bodies were taken to the hospital on Monday and photos taken of the corpses. Two children's bodies showed no indication of wounds resulting from an explosion.

"I have the impression that a poisonous product penetrated the body via the skin. Death follows with almost 100 percent certainty," the professor said.

x Excerpt from a Daily Star article:

Even as Lebanon struggles to deal with the increasingly heavy onslaught from Israel's military, another deadly threat might have surfaced. There were Lebanese media reports, which could not be confirmed, that Israel had used phosphorus incendiary bombs. The smoke from white phosphorus causes nasal and eye irritation, and breathing in a great deal of the smoke can be very hazardous and even potentially fatal.

"I've heard they're using phosphoric bombs in the South of the country," said Dr. Carl. "They've been telling people to use wet napkins as makeshift masks, and that would help reduce the absorption of phosphorus into the lungs."

x Excerpt from a WayneMadsenReport.com article (July 20, 2006):

According to a former U.S. weapons expert who served in Iraq, the artillery shell in a photo taken in Lebanon is a chemical weapon delivery device.

It is not known what type of chemical is in the chemical canister, however, gas dropped by the Israelis in villages in southern Lebanon has resulted in severe vomiting among the civilian population.

Israeli air force also hit an Emirati convoy of trucks carrying medical goods on the Damascus-Beirut highway. A milk factory and more residential neighborhoods were hit in Tyre, Baalbeck and south Lebanon villages.

A Greek-Orthodox Church was also hit.

The number of displaced that have been forced to evacuate has reached HALF A MILLION (for a total population of 4 millions). They have been fleeing to the "safe regions", sleeping in public parks, schools, mosques and churches. The UNICEF is warning of a Humanitarian Disaster. I think it is already there.

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