15 juillet 2011

Guerre Liban "israel" 2006

Israeli raids: 4 UN peacekeepers KILLED, South Lebanon 


According to media reports, more houses have been destroyed by Israeli strikes, and more civilian cars targeted, ...

Layal Najib, a free-lance photographer, was killed in her car by Israeli strikes. (source: albalad)

Israeli airplanes started hitting the southern suburbs of Beirut again, as soon as Condie Rice left Beirut. (source: agencies)

Finally (?), Israeli shelling destroyed a UN post in Khyam, burrying 4 peacekeepers under the rubble. IMO, the apparent aim of the "deliberate targetting" of the post is to scare the UN mission away and force them to leave South Lebanon. This would leave more room for the Israelis to act freely and "clean the area", as Israeli officials like top put it. Excerpt from a bbc article:

It said the four, from Austria, Canada, China and Finland, had taken shelter in a bunker under the post after it was earlier shelled 14 times by Israeli artillery.

A rescue team was also shelled as it tried to clear the rubble.
"I am shocked and deeply distressed by the apparently deliberate targeting by Israeli Defence Forces of a UN Observer post in southern Lebanon," Mr Annan said in a statement from Rome.

(--Kofi Annan does not usually speak irresponsibly... His words are always cautious and his accusations measured..)

Injured kids in a Hospital in the city of Tyre:

The photographer killed by an Israeli airstrike on her car:

Images from Beirut's southern residential suburbs:

The Israeli strike on the UN post in Khyam:

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