17 juillet 2011




I am watching arabic TV online. Live broadcast. Bodies are being taken out of the rubble. Babies. Children. One man lost all his cousins, all children. A Red Cross worker is trying hard not to faint. His voice has faded. He's saying there was a strong smell of a chemical substance from the bombs.

(I just found a picture of him)

(All information from al-arabiya tv)

Israeli airplanes dropped missiles on a 3-storey building housing dozens of refugees in Qana*. Qana is strictly civilian and people have taken refuge here.

57 people have been hiding in the basement for several days, among them around 40 children (including 10 disabled), all aged between 7 months and 10 years, and the rest being women and elderly.

8 people survived. The rest is either dead or stuck under the rubble. Civil defense and trucks are not being able to get to the village, most roads and bridges having been destroyed earlier by Israeli raids.

Locations on the map are villages that have witnessed a large death toll among civilians after Israeli strikes.

Srifa: dozens of people (21?, 75?) are still under the rubble of their homes. (soure, the Guardian, tayyar.org)
Ter Harfa: 23 women and children from Marwahin killed in 2 pick-up trucks. (remember?)
Tyre: dozens of families killed in several airstrikes on downtown neighborhoods.
*Qana: today's massacre. (also witnessed massacre of 106 refugees in 1996, by an Israeli raid on a UN shelter, the 1996 massacre, sensitive pictures)

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