11 août 2012

Galloway calls on Hague to aid Rohingya people

Bradford West MP George Galloway has written to Foreign Secretary William Hague, alerting him to the plight of the ancient Rohingya people of Burma –the subject of a vicious pogrom – and asking him to do what he can to come to their aid.

Galloway said, ‘I appreciate that Britain has little pressure to be bring to bear to influence the Burmese government. But a clear statement of condemnation of the atrocities which have taken place would send a message ringing round the world. Bangladesh, which has taken in around 200,000 refugees, is now turning them back by the boatload, must also be informed that it has a duty to help those fleeing persecution. The United Nations needs to discuss this urgently and take action. We cannot stand by.’ 

 George Galloway

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