07 mai 2012


by Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi on 6/05/2012

Today the EDUCIDE is still a harsh reality in Iraq. Therefore we will continue to insist upon the introduction of this word in the international dictionary of crimes. EDUCIDE is a composite of education and genocide to refer to the genocide of the educated segments of the Iraqi society. It can only be hoped that both the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court will pursue the question of possible educide in Iraq.

Professor Muhammad Taqa, Prominent Dean* of Baghdad College of Economical Sciences, was arrested last Wednesday (at 4 pm) by security forces from the Almaliky office.

Dr. Taqa is a well-known Professor of Economy in Iraq. He is the dean of Baghdad College for Economical Sciences since 1996. He published about 50 research reports and 6 books on International Economy and Globalization.
As a responsible educator he kept his college students attending classes during the Arabic Month of Muharam, while other colleges and university students and faculty members went out in Sectarian Marathons in the streets, weeping and crying the death of prophet Mohammad’s grandson, Al Hussein 1400 years ago!! As ordered by high education minister Ali Al-deeb.
As an expert, Prof Taqa was invited to the Iraqi Parliament cessions. He criticized the Maliky government’s economic policies and the authoritarian government of Iraq. A good reason to be arrested for.
During the American occupation of Iraq, well-trained professors, often graduates of highly qualified American or European universities, were replaced by pro-occupation young freshly graduated faculty members. This policy is pursued with grimness by the current puppet government. Educide is still going on.

The minister of high education Ali Aladeeb turned the Iraqi universities into sectarian show-offs. No real attendance of classes, no real learning and teaching processes, and no real scientific advancements. All what he cares about is turning Iraqi universities and youth into sectarian institutes that look like Iranian regime revolutionaries.
We fear that such arrests allow Al-Adeeb to substitute what’s left of distinguished Iraqi academics with his incompetent sectarian followers.

To protest against this arrest, some college students gathered in front of the college building, in the Al Eskan area, west of Baghdad, in preparation for setting off a demonstration in front of the Ministry of Higher Education in Al Andalus district, which is located in the centre of Baghdad. The demonstrators were carrying banners demanding the release of the dean, and to separate universities from any political related issues.

*Academic Mohamed Refaat Ahmed Taqa was born in Mosul, 1948, as a descendant of a very well-known family, including the Foreign Minister, the late former Iraqi Shazel Taqa, and the late microbiologist dr. Khaled Taqa. He earned a Ph.D. in economics from the Higher School of Economics - Germany - 1980, and was previously assigned as a of head of the Department of Economics - Faculty of Business and Economics - University of Mustansiriya twice. He also holds the post of dean of Baghdad College of Economic Sciences since 1996 until today! Also he supervised the discussion of many doctoral dissertations and masters, and participated in numerous conferences inside and outside Iraq, and has published more than (50) scientific papers and six books in the economic sphere. He is a member of the administrative board of the Association of Iraqi economists and the Advisory Committee of the Federation of the Arabs economists since 1980!

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