18 août 2011

Arrêtez ces fous qui tuent même leur ombre

BREAKING NEWS FROM GAZA: 6 palestinians killed till now. Their names

par Convoglio Restiamo Umani, jeudi 18 août 2011, 18:06
Israeli Zionist aircraft targeted the house of the citizen Abojamil Shaat in Rafah, which increased the number of martyrs to 6 .. one of the martyr is a little girl.
Six of the martyrs were:

Kamal Neirab: Abu Awad, Secretary General of the Popular Resistance Committees
Imad Hammad: official military command in the Popular Resistance Committees
Khaled el-Masri: A prominent leader of the Military Industrialization
Alaa Nasr: A manufacturing leaders
Khaled Shaath :
Malek Shaat : is the daughter of Khaled Shaath

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