16 juin 2012

Gaza City: Palestinian prisoners send message of support to Alberto Patishtán Gómez and Francisco Sántiz López

By Julie Webb-Pullman
16 June 2012

Emad Sarsak (left), in front of a poster of his brother Mahmoud Sarsak, who is in his 94th day of a hunger strike in an Israeli jail, and Yasser Saleh (right) member of the Higher Committee of Support for the Prisoners, today sent a message of support from Gaza to their Mexican brothers Alberto Patishtán Gómez and Francisco Sántiz López, and their families and supporters world-wide, as part of the “Second Week of Worldwide Struggle for the Liberation of Patishtán and Sántiz López: Bringing Down the Prison Walls.”
“Stay strong, like Mahmoud,” they conveyed to Alberto and Francisco. “Victory will be yours.”
Emad said that Mahmoud, a player in the national football team, is in severe pain in the prison clinic, but despite this and the length of time he has been on hunger strike – the longest in Palestinian history – he is determined to continue until he achieves freedom, or death.
“The family do not want him to die. We want freedom for Mahmoud, like we want freedom for our Mexican brothers,” he said.
He pointed out that like Francisco, Mahmoud is completely innocent. “We have not been permitted to visit him since his detention in July 2009, when he was on his way to join his football team in the West Bank. He has been held ever since, without even any charge or trial, under Israel’s ‘Unlawful Combatant Law.’”
Sarsak family members and supporters of the Palestinian prisoners have taped posters of Alberto Patishtán Gómez and Francisco Sántiz López around the Solidarity Sit-InTent outide the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza City, joining their struggle for justice with that of the Palestinian prisoners.
“Soon they will all be free, insha’allah,” they said.
Emad and Khairy Sarsak, Yasser Saleh and others join support for Alberto and Francisco with their support for Mahmoud Sarsak
Mexican political prisoners meet Palestinian political prisoners in Gaza City

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