22 juin 2012

“Palestine… The Awakening of Nations” Conference in Beirut: Supporting Central Cause, Confronting “Israeli” Policies
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Entitling the Conference "The Awakening of Nations", "the International Union of NGOs for Defending Palestinians' Rights" initiated it in Lebanon.

Sponsored by Hizbullah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Conference was initiated in "Resalat Theater" in "the Cultural Center of Ghobeiry Municipality" and was attended by a mass of political, diplomatic, religious, Arab, foreign, and Islamic senior figures.

Most significantly, the Conference was attended by the Secretary General of the Union Sayyeda Zahraa Mustafawi, the daughter of Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret).

The four-day Conference included speeches by several figures who concentrated on the necessity of faith and adherence to the Palestinian cause, which constitutes the central premise of the Islamic Uprising and the corresponding Awakening, as declared by Grand Ayatollah Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei. This is actually based upon Imam Khomeini's declaration after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979 in support of the legitimate rights of the Palestinian Muslim people.

Imam Khomeini's Daughter

Sayyeda Zahraa Mustafawi iterated in her speech, "The pure seed Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret) sowed in Iran after 14 centuries of the message of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him and his Household) has sprouted in Palestine, Libya, Bahrain, Tunis, Egypt, and Lebanon." Sayyeda Mustafawi then added, "We have no doubt that we're living in the most susceptible places and that our enemies are trying to impose their ignorance on the entire region and on its people." She continued, "Undoubtedly, the Awakening that has spread in the region was influenced by the Islamic teachings. And evidences on this exist; that is, Islam has taught us we mustn't submit to the arrogant sides no matter how strong they are. Islam has as well taught us we must fight oppression and never limit the concept of right."

Furthermore, Sayyeda Mustafawi saw that in these critical circumstances it is our duty to be fully ready to act, help our fellow humans, and warn them from the dangers obstructing their way to esteem and independence." "Now," she noted, "It is about time that the Awakening takes place. The arrogance defenders have been on the alert, playing the role of democracy advocates so as to vandalize the region's revolutions. The evidence on this is actually the events happening in Tunisia, Egypt, and Yemen."
"The power of the demonic media has been so nasty in order to confiscate the believers' minds," continued the Imam's daughter, "Well, you've sensed this, dear audience, especially in Lebanon. And this requires more reflection as to being aware of the different causes and resolving them. "Now she iterated, "Islam is recovering its existence and esteem in the region although the West and its collaborators are still working hard to dominate the region."

Emphasizing that "there is no place for the defaced American Islam," she pointed out the necessity of "maintaining the effort of Imam Khomeini (May Allah sanctify his secret) as to bringing Sunnis and Shiites together and repudiating any strife between them." She also reminded the attendees that "Imam Khamenei has iterated it is the Ummah's duty to overcome strife. His Eminence has also inspired the Iranian people with awareness and initiative-making and enthused their great values, making them attend and act effectively in all domains serving the nation."

Sayyeda Mustafawi considered that "we can't turn our backs on the West's association with strife advocates," adding, "we must work hard to defend the Resistance's movement." Now she further declared, "The Zionist entity does not conceal its enmity to Iran, but rather it manifests the escalation of this enmity throughout the international organizations."

Sayyeda Mustafawi pointed out that "Among the admirable stances proving the Zionist entity's helplessness is the triumph of Lebanon in July 2006, which reclaimed the honor wasted by some Arabs, as well as the Palestinian people's steadfastness during the aggression against Gaza (which "Israel" names "Operation Cast Lead")." Sayyeda Mustafawi asked, "What is the despotic "Israel" going to do if all Islamic and Arab peoples unite to confront it?"
"Both Arabs and foreigners now look up to Sayyed Nasrallah."

Sheikh Naeem Qassem

For his part, Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General Sheikh Naeem Qassem reiterated, "The "Israeli" occupation pursues taking over our region. The evidence to that is that when "Israel's" raison d'être was occupying Palestine, it occupied Arab lands." His Eminence pointed out, "The establishment of the enemy's entity is not an outdated case, but rather it is one that we must urgently resolve. We need to find a solution for Palestine, which must be home for the Palestinians rather than the Zionists who must leave whether willing or defeated. We, as well as all faithful sides, are ready to keep supporting the Resistance until we reach the solution which is going to reclaim Palestine back to its people." His Eminence stressed, ""Israel" is a threat to the peace of the whole world."
Sheikh Qassem went on with his speech, "Zionism seeks sabotaging the world and people's lives, threatening states with war: once Iran, another Syria, then Lebanon and Palestine. Still, it threatens all countries it can use its weaponry. "Israel" issues threats so that the major states pretend trying to convince it not to accomplish its threats, and they carry out their make-believe constraints and economic sanctions. So this is a play "Israel" and the major states perform to achieve their aims."
""Israel" threatens," Sheikh Qassem confirmed, "but the major states do not object; instead, they deprecate the Resistance as they see it is the greatest danger threatening the Zionist entity.

 Hereupon, there must be a solution for the Palestinian cause, either through politics or resistance. And since the political solution does not exist, the only choice left is the resistance. So steadfastness and resistance must be maintained for the sake of the Palestinians'' union, and that's the way out."
Sheikh Qassem now stressed "All Palestine, extending from the sea to the river, belongs to its people." He also confirmed, "We are absolutely not accepting a divided Palestine or a Palestine with a missing part. We do believe resistance is the only means to reclaim it, so those seeking discussion should return Palestine to us; in that case, we won't quarrel. So the military choice of resistance is the only choice we're clinging to, and we're not considering any other."

"We've done what we could," continued Sheikh Naeem, "expelling "Israel" out of the South. The Palestinians worked, too, expelling it out of Gaza. Thus, we're going to continue doing everything we can, even if this is going to last for several decades, for Allah grants victory to His devotees." Furthermore, His Eminence considered, "Prioritizing anything other than resistance is a waste of time or a conspiracy serving the "Israeli" scheme. Therefore, let's consider what can eventually support the Resistance." He added, "Shall we examine the integrity of any political party or movement in this region, we must consider its stances as to the Palestinian cause. So this party or movement enjoys integrity if it practically supports Palestine and vice versa. That is, the sides supporting Palestine are right, and the ones not doing so are wrong, no matter whether they read the Holy Qur'an."

Hizbullah Deputy Secretary General pointed out, "Imam Khomeini, the revolutionary Iran, and the generous, resistive Iranian people have revived and promoted the Palestinian cause."

His Eminence pointed out, "The Resistance in Lebanon is a part of this course of action. Though weak at the beginning, the Resistance's faith in the Almighty Lord made enabled it to expel "Israel" from Lebanon in 2000. Afterwards, "Israel" retried carrying out an incursion into Lebanon to exterminate the Resistance in the thirty-three-day "July Aggression" (Named "the Second Lebanon War" by "Israel"); nevertheless, the Resistance conquered it and expelled it again, making it admit it was defeated. The Resistance fighters and the supportive people were triumphant now that they had introduced a new history: the extermination of "Israel"."
Moreover, His Eminence stressed, "It is not Resolution 425 that freed Lebanon but rather the cooperative efforts of the people, the Lebanese Army, and the Resistance. Now none can alter Lebanon into a passageway or a center for "the New Middle East", for there are no such passageways in Lebanon.

The fighters, both males and females, have obstructed such passageways." Sheikh Qassem continued, "The Resistance and its weaponry make an absolutely inseparable twin. In other words, Lebanon is weak if without weaponry and strong if with weaponry, and we believe in the strong Lebanon confronting "Israel", not in the weak one supporting "Israel"."
Sheikh Qassem said "Hizbullah is ready to discuss the defense strategy observing the role of the Resistance's weaponry and its perfection with Lebanon's capacities. We're not afraid of discussing this strategy, but they're evading it. We're certain that the strong Lebanon requires a strong defense strategy serving the Lebanese interest. Some Lebanese sides accuse us of responding to "Israel's" threats and of defending our own selves, but they turn a blind eye on the "Israeli" threats."
"We'll be ready for a war if the enemy wants one; our counterstrike is available. The Resistance is to strike the enemy back with missiles if the enemy attacks with grenades. Actually, "Israel" hasn't begun another war since 2006 since the Resistance owns the deterrence power; otherwise, "Israel" would have dominated Lebanon."
Finally, His Eminence declared, "The Resistance is admired for its strong weaponry that has brought about liberation and triumph. But they are acting as militias and using their weaponry to incite strife. All in all, we support the Resistance's weaponry, not the militias', which can never confront the Resistance's." 

Sheikh Ameroudi
For his part, the Executive Assistant of the Union Secretary General Sheikh Ameroudi hoped that "the Conference "Palestine: Nations' Awakening" would bring about benefit for the resistance scheme and the Palestinian cause." His Eminence declared then, "Imam Khomeini wanted "al-Quds (Jerusalem) International Day" to be a day for supporting the Palestinian cause and confronting the Zionist entity and its occupation policy. That is, the Imam knew the Palestinian cause could strongly motivate peoples to confront the policy of enslavement and humiliation. This is why ‘al-Quds International Day" was declared." His Eminence also said, "The horrible crimes the Zionist entity has committed against the peoples of the region have basically led to the Awakening in the region."
"The tragic situations have aroused the Islamic and Arab peoples' revolution against the regimes collaborating with the Zionists," His Eminence went on, hoping these revolutions and the Awakening would eventually achieve the awaited Palestinian dream: freeing the entire sacred al-Quds and the Palestinian lands." Sheikh Ameroudi as well pointed out, "The victories achieved by these peoples as well as the dangers countering them have actually led the peoples of the region to a critical crossroads. However, the peoples can safely overcome this crossroads if they demonstrate awareness."
His Eminence was firm that "Imam Khomeini's promise that the entity would be exterminated is a Divine promise that shall come true. This cancerous gland is indeed going to be exterminated."
In turn, "the Islamic-Jihad Movement" Representative in Lebanon Abu Imad ar-Rifai said, "The ongoing "Israeli" aggressions against the Palestinians: Judaizing al-Quds, dislodging its people, confiscating more lands, repressing captives and detainees, preventing the refuges from returning, etc..., all are taking place as a part of a complete international conspiracy. Thus, the insistence of the Palestinian Authority (PA) to bet on the choice of negotiations with the enemy - in spite of all the crimes the enemy is committing against the Palestinians - expresses the PA's disregard to this people's life." Ar-Rifai then censured "the policy of security coordination with the enemy whereby the PA is hunting some Palestinians down in the West Bank."
Ar-Rifai also considered that "The Arab peoples' revolutions must not let the Ummah forget the Palestinian cause. That is, these people will not become unrestrained as long as "Israel" occupies Palestine. And in the name of "the Islamic-Jihad Movement", he expressed his support to the peoples looking forward to achieving justice, stressing "the unity and independence of these nations, in addition to everything that can lead to a real Awakening, most importantly supporting the Palestinian Resistance so that it frees its lands from the occupation."
Ar-Rifai now called "all Palestinian powers and factions to work on forming a new defense strategy tackling all problems of the Palestinian people," emphasizing "the necessity to overcome this situation of division and disarray."
Concerning the recent events of the Palestinian Camp Nahr el-Bared, Abu Imad ar-Rifai stressed, "The Palestinians struggle only with the Zionist enemy," refusing "the military condition prevailing in the camp for more than 5 years, which has isolated it from its surroundings." He demanded that "this condition be ended without slackening off". Ar-Rifai also condemned "the homicide and the reckless use of fire there," calling for "cancelling the inhuman proclamation imposed on our people," also holding the Lebanese government fully responsible for the blood of the Palestinians martyred as a result of the consecutive governments' wrong policies."
In addition, Head of Hizbullah Women Committees Hajji Afaf el-Hakim spoke about the necessity of standing by the Resistance, at least by rejecting the enemy. Hajji el-Hakim added, "The July War was so harsh for "Israel" that it made the Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cry and question, again, the survival of "Israel". That, too, made the enemy commanders acknowledge that the Resistance has become able to conquer their entity. She finally stressed "the importance of Muslims' unity and strife repudiation."
Before the Conference began, Sayyeda Mustafawi had opened a special exhibit displaying the photographs of the Islamic Revolution launched, and Sheikh Qassem offered her a copy of the book he entitled "Authenticity and Renovation".

Iranian Ambassador to Beirut 
Soon before the initiation of the Conference, the Iranian Ambassador to Beirut Ghadanfar Rokon Abadi declared to "al-Intiqad", "There have been ongoing attempts to distract attention from the central Palestinian cause. I call all the Muslims of this Ummah to pay attention to the cause of the scared al-Quds and prioritize this cause." Abadi now recalled, "After the Islamic Revolution, Imam Khomeini would keep calling for supporting the Palestinians' rights wherever they went." Abadi added, "We shall stand by them until the end. The occupied lands must be freed from the "Israeli" occupation as soon as possible."
Regarding the negotiations being held as to the issue of Iran's nuclear energy, the ambassador confirmed, "Tehran is clingy to its rights on the basis of the "NPT (Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons)", which gives Iran the right to produce peaceful nuclear energy. We can't give this right up anytime."
On another hand, Abadi declared, "Communications and follow-ups are sustained as to the case of the 11 Lebanese pilgrims abducted in Syria. We hope they, as well as the Iranian abductees, get released soon, God willing."
Rabbi Weiss 
The Jewish Rabbi David Weiss, too, spoke to "al-Intiqad" about his participation in the conference, "I have come from the United States of America to communicate the message that the committed Jews adhere to repudiating Zionism and occupation." Weis then iterated he refused occupation, repression, and manslaughter, "Our religion forbids manslaughter, theft, and establishing a state on behalf of good. The acts "Israel" is conducting in our name and our religion's name is against the teachings of Prophet David (Pbuh) and the Supreme Lord."

Weiss went on, "The world must know that the Jews do not approve of what "Israel" is committing, noting "the diversity of the occupation's methods in demonstrating evil and disobeying the Supreme Lord's teachings." He now hoped that "these demonic practices stop, for every settlement movement is a part of a series defying religion. That is, as the Zionist movement was established 100 years ago, we announced our repudiation to it and to any step made by this movement against the will of the Jewish religion."

Weiss stressed, "The only solution is to completely dissimilate the Zionist entity."
Answering a question by "al-Intiqad", Rabbi Weiss pointed out the Zionist movement was intimidating his movement everywhere, particularly continuously in occupied Palestine."
He, however, declared he was "ready to face it and stir the Jews' uprising."
Head of the Islamic Center in South Africa
Head of the Islamic Center in South Africa Abdullah Husseini iterated to "al-Intiqad", "It is the duty of any freedom advocate around the world to do something against the "Israeli" conduct: 60 years of occupation of Palestine which does not belong to the Zionists, slaughter of Palestinians, and discrimination crimes in the Middle East."
Husseini then pointed out, "The world has united to confront the "Israeli" discrimination in South Africa. Thronging for such a conference is to shed light on the pains and problems the occupation is causing to the people there. We must not allow time to make us forget the Palestinian cause."

Husseini exemplified "Imam Khomeini's fatwa statements and letters he sent to the Ummah regarding Palestine," adding, "after the triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the whole cause became centered on Palestine. The Palestinian cause and confronting "Israel" gained priority with respect to the agenda of the Islamic Republic and its government."

Husseini expressed his belief, "The experience of the Islamic Republic might recur around the world if peoples decide to change their regimes throughout democracy and struggle."

As for his moves, Husseini declared he was working on "creating public awareness to maintain the Palestinian cause, calling states and peoples to boycott the "Israeli" goods, and highlighting the Palestinian cause to the global awareness."
Actually, the Union was established in 2000. Eighty-two nongovernmental organizations from eighty-two states participate in it. It is centered in Tehran.

Reported by: Latifa al-Husseini
Photos by: Moussa al-Husseini
Source: translated and edited by moqawama.org

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