03 juillet 2012

Israeli border police break into Palestinian shops in Jerusalem

Israeli border police break into Palestinian shops in Jerusalem02-07-2012,14:19
Al Qassam website- Occupied Jerusalem- Israeli border police broke into a number of Palestinian shops in Hazma village, east of occupied Jerusalem, on Sunday and threatened to raze them. 

Eyewitnesses told the PIC that the occupation police stormed the shops at the entrance to the village and said that they should be demolished because they had received demolition notices.

The occupation authorities had razed seven shops, vendor carts, and a carwash in the same area last month at the pretext of expanding the street and preserving settlers' security.

Meanwhile, Jerusalemite MP Ahmed Attoun, who was deported to Ramallah by the Israeli occupation authorities, lashed out at the IOA for destroying four shops in Bab Al-Amud in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem a couple of days ago.

He described the act as a new “crime” against the holy city and its inhabitants, adding that the IOA was racing against time to Judaize the Islamic suburbs in the holy city.

The MP urged the world community to check the IOA practices that targeted Jerusalemites with confiscation and/or destruction of property, imposing heavy taxes, isolating the city, allowing free settlement activity inside it, and exiling its national and Islamic figures.

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